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We are incredibly proud of our product. We set out in 2017 to create an easy, reliable, safe & fun way to keep crypto safe. And it is music to our ears each time we hear that a customer was able to recover a digital asset from our cold storage wallets years after loading. It is so encouraging to think that we're helping people with our simple solution.

Every coin we manufacture has performed as expected.

Our manufacturing process - paired with the simplicity of our product - leaves no room for error. Once you send your digital asset to our Cold Storage Coin, you can rest easy, knowing that the asset will still be there, months, years, or decades from now. We have not had a single coin fail in the entire history of our company.

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We get it. Many people are skeptical. It's only fair, given the confusion surrounding cryptocurrency and the reality that comes with having to trust someone to get started. That could be an online exchange, a hot wallet provider, or a cold storage wallet manufacturer. 

If you had a positive experience, we encourage you to share that with others. You can do that on our website, or on the site where you acquired the coin. 

Your feedback is valuable. Even negative feedback is important as it lets us know what we need to do better.

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If you are so kind as to take a moment and share a review on Amazon, we will gladly send you a complimentary coin of your choice. This is so that you have the opportunity to do a thorough evaluation of your first coin and start over with a fresh coin. It would be super cool if you made a video and shared your experience on social media! 



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