Waves has been described as the fastest blockchain in the world, however other hardware wallet manufacturers have been sluggish to adopt this revolutionary technology.

We partnered with Waves while the Cold Storage Coins team were in production of an Organic Token ($ORGT) Cold Storage Coin. Organic Token is an altcoin that supports fitness, health, and wellness industries. We soon discovered that the Organic Token was actually based off the Waves Platform.

“So, we were working on Organic Token and we realized no one in the cold storage space had stepped up to support Waves” says Rob Gray, CEO of Cold Storage Coins™, “just like us, they’re at the progressive edge of crypto, so it made sense for us to collaborate with them first”

We strongly advocate that anyone looking into purchasing or mining any prospective cryptocurrency to not rely on exchanges or hot wallets to protect their holdings. This tendency for users to trust their cryptocurrencies to third parties is why Cold Storage Coins was founded. Hot wallets can be hacked and paper wallets can be lost or easily damaged. A Cold storage coin cannot be destroyed in fires or floods, and it cannot be hacked.

It's easy to use, and simple for non-tech savvy individuals to understand. If you own a Cold Storage Coin, you own your crypto.

The Waves Marketing Team shows their excitement about this partnership:

“Besides scalability and speed, ease of use has always been among the top priorities for Waves. Solutions provided by Cold Storage Coins™ will make user experience at our platform even more fascinating!”, – Phil Eryushev, Head of Marketing, Waves.

For anyone who believes in the technology behind Waves, and wants to share this innovative cryptocurrency, don’t hesitate to check-out our intricately designed cold storage wallets on our store page. Here are the two newest coins in our collection: Waves and Organic Token