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Home of the original Bitcoin commemorative, Blockchain Mint also makes Ethereum & Litecoin rounds.



Blockchain Mint is home to some of the precious metal industry's most beloved treasures.



Blockchain is in our blood. As Southeast Asia’s largest private mint, we’re proud to offer for your consideration the finest collection of silver bullion in the region.

Our creations aren’t just fun to admire & collect: everything we manufacture is documented, shared with the public and permanently recorded to the blockchain! We offer our customers, stakeholders, vendors, collectors & the general public - for the very first time in the precious metals industry - an all-access behind the scenes look at our suppliers, processes, financial solvency, and just about anything else we care to share. We say we’re the best - and we’re ready to prove it. Choose to do business today with the most accountable name in the business - Blockchain Mint!



Blockchain Mint is a full service private mint, duly registered, licensed to conduct business & operating in Singapore.

Equipped with the machines, workforce & knowledge to melt, cast, roll, blank, anneal, burnish & coin up to 1000 kilograms of silver each day, Blockchain Mint is your one-stop manufacturing shop for silver grain, silver kilo bars, silver coins & custom creations of the same. Although we specialize in silver, we work with gold just as well. No production request is too big for our facility, and we’re eager to earn your trust and bullion fabrication demands.

SGDB 300/day
Grain 250kg/day
1oz rounds 10,000/day
Cold Storage Coins 1520/day
Proof/Antique 500/day
Storage 400sqm


Using Bevis technology, everything we manufacture is permanently recorded to the blockchain.

Think of the blockchain as a permanent, public & decentralised database. Using our own standards-based system, we share the raw manufacturing data to help fight fakes, while giving our customers peace of mind for authenticity and chain of custody. For us, that’s really just the beginning: we use blockchain technology to record and share our most sensitive, vital business records. Wondering if we have the financial health to be trusted with your purchase orders and payments? We provide the data you want, signed & company stamped, permanently recorded and published for all to see.

Want an example? One of the biggest mistakes made in our line of work is the underallocation of raw materials (silver stock). Each week at Blockchain Mint, we perform an exhaustive material inventory audit & publish our Silver Stock Report, including our in-house inventory, materials on purchase orders (paid and unpaid), customer obligations and bank account cash balances. We put this in writing and publish to the blockchain for your consideration. See what it looks like for yourself.

On the blockchain, you can find our…

Company Registration Data

Wanna know who’s running the show? If we’re actually registered to do business? Are we up to date on our filing requirements, tax returns & licenses? You can find it all in the blockchain.

Raw Material Acquisitions

We deal exclusively with vendors we trust. But who are they? Where are they located? Did we pay them? How did the materials get from them to us? See the story unfold for yourself, first-hand, signed, sealed & delivered to the permanent decentralised web.

Silver Stock Reports

Underallocation. It’s the Achilles Heel of the bullion industry. Do you have enough metals and liquid cash assets to cover all of your customer obligations? Each week, usually on Friday, we take inventory and make sure we have all we need to fill every order. Then, we sign it, stamp it, and publish it to the permanent, decentralised web for all to see. We may not be the industry’s biggest, but we’re ready to prove we’re the industry’s best.

Why should we have all the fun?

Download Bevis today and add an extra level of integrity to your goods & services. Got nothing to hide? Prove it with Bevis. Like it does for us, it’ll give you the extra edge you need to take on the competition.

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Using Bevis technology, everything we manufacture is permanently recorded to the blockchain.

What really matters is who we are, what we believe, and most important of all, the philosophy that guides our daily actions. Once upon a time, character & integrity were more than just words; they were dominant buying motives. Sadly, most people resort to “the best we can get these days.” We dare to challenge that notion, and invite you to experience the difference great leadership makes for yourself.

Our team is great, and certainly at the very core of our success. But what really keeps us successful is our strict adherence to one profound concept: full, public disclosure. In the spirit of blockchain technology, we intend to be the most open, accessible, transparent precious metals manufacturer in the world. We won’t be young or small forever, so how’s the time to establish the guiding principles that will propel us to the very top of the precious metals industry. What makes us a great manufacturing partner? Quality products, dependable production, fair prices, and more. We’ll do all this, and show you our work along the way. Enjoy!


Managing Director
Brought his first coins to market in 2008


Business Development
Facilitates/maintains strategic partnerships ensuring mutual growth


Finance Manager
Accountable for all things money & compliance


Production Manager
Ensures timely & quality metals production


Brand Manager
Helps make our quality creations look great


Software Engineer
Architecture and Technical solutions

Made in Singapore

Singapore is not well known for its vast silver deposits. Within the measly 721 square kilometres, there aren’t any mines at all.

Singapore is not well known for its vast silver deposits. Within the measly 721 square kilometres, there aren’t any mines at all.

We import our working materials - gold and silver - from abroad. Everything else we do is made entirely in Singapore by Singaporeans, Permanent Residents, and other professionals legally permitted to live & work in the worlds strictest & most expensive city.

But we didn’t setup shop in Singapore just to pay top Singapore dollar for just about every operating expense. We did it to bring you the highest level of integrity known on planet earth. We blend the finest precious metals with cutting edge blockchain technology, resulting in an industry-leading product with proveable purity, authenticity & chain of custody. We do all of this in a country that takes fiduciary responsibility so seriously it has no trouble penalizing, jailing or publicly shaming those who break trust and dare spoil Singapore’s spotless reputation.


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Where to Buy

Blockchain Mint works exclusively with wholesalers, institutions & hi-net worth individuals. You can find our creations for sale at the finest bullion dealers worldwide.