Crypto Isn't Dead (and neither are we!)

The Early Days of Bitcoin Hysteria

When we launched our project in early 2018, the price of Bitcoin was in a freefall. Besides being very difficult to advertise our product (it was banned on every major social media platform), most people didn't care much for hodling back then anyway. After all, Bitcoin was surely dead.

Bitcoin Yo-yo's up & Down

Since then, crypto took a wild ride to 3x Bitcoin's unimaginable $20k high; today, it seems to have settled out north of the 2017 record.

Fortunately, anyone paying attention knows by now that Bitcoin is incredibly volatile, and you need a strong stomach to ride the turbulent waves.

we got busy & distracted

We decided it best to hang out on the sidelines for a while and give the industry time to evolve and mature.

Foolishly, we let our app go into disrepair, expire in the various stores, and failed to take an incredibly important thing (customer service) seriously.

Simply stated, we'd like to apologize if we let you down.

The Silver Lining

It's not all bad news. 

While we were tied up with other projects (Covid, relocating to the other side of the globe, building a new factory in Texas), our Cold Storage Coins continued to perform with perfection, safely storing the embedded crypto offline where it didn't get hacked, go out of business, or otherwise disappear.

Our Mission Today

And now, our team is investing heavily and focusing our exclusive attention on Blockchain Mint - our company that manufactures the world's most reliable cold storage wallet.

Why? Because of Sam Bankman-Fried. Because of Alex Mashinsky. Because of the countless other hackers and crooks lining up to steal your hard-earned crypto.

Shifting into high gear

Today, I'm very excited to announce a series of important and long-overdue updates that hopefully communicate how serious we are about serving you, our valued customer and fellow traveler on this decentralized currency journey.

Stay tuned: like, follow, subscribe, etc. Take a look around, download the app, pickup a handful of new coins. We're excited to re-join the conversation and we're looking forward to serving you.

Decentralized Currency is Alive

Crypto isn't dead.

It's not dead, and not just because something that you can't see, touch, smell, taste or feel (and didn't even know about 10 years ago), is worth more than the average car.

Crypto is alive because it's the only real chance that we, the people, have to finally take back control of money after nearly half a millennia of fiat currency debt slavery.

This is why crypto cannot ... ever ... fail.

As long as there are participants in the market who want to transact honestly, nearly instantly, across borders and around the globe, without anyone's permission, crypto will be alive and well.

And, the more people holding, using, and transacting crypto, the stronger that market becomes.

We exist to help everyone get started with decentralized currency, safely & securely. Let's connect and get going today!