Meet The Men Who Transformed Bitcoin Into A Global Icon

by Rob Gray

By now you’ll be quite familiar with the Bitcoin icon. You know the one; that circuitry covered coin with the giant B emblazoned across the front. Whether you searched on Google, found it in a stock image library, or saw it in Forbes or CNN, one thing is certain, no other icon could ever really be Bitcoin.

The Bitcoin is Bitcoin.

You’ve seen the Cold Storage Physical Bitcoin here on our site, and you’ve noticed it’s a 100% perfect replica of the original icon.

But you’ll be surprised to learn it’s not actually a replica at all.

Bitcoin started in January 2009, but for 3 years it had no logo or icon to call its own. It was simply a word, and a digital currency figuring itself out. But thanks to our partner company - the American Open Currency Standard, and an inspired artist known as MJB, the iconic Bitcoin was created. And it is our design, embossed with the official stamps: MJB Monetary Metals and Approved by AOCS that is the original Bitcoin you find around the world.

So now you know it’s not a replica, let’s meet the design team.

American Open Currency Standard (AOCS)

Well-known for their strict weight, purity, and minting quality, AOCS has been bringing standards-based copper, silver and gold currency to market since 2007. And our team here at Cold Storage Coins is the Crypto-Bullion arm of AOCS.

MJB Monetary Metals

In 2010, when Bitcoin was just $1 a unit, an inspired designer, simply known as Mick - MJB as he’s known in the industry, approached AOCS about designing the first solid Bitcoin. Being experts in physical complementary currency AOCS was naturally skeptical of anything crypto related. But because of the alignment with their values around monetary freedom, AOCS worked with Mick, and so the very first Bitcoin was born. And while it was just a commemorative coin, millions were sold worldwide.

His design was inspired by the early days of computer technology, with their clunky circuit boards. On the front of each coin you’ll see it embossed with MJB Monetary Metals, and on the back - AOCS Approved. And if you look closely at any online image, even stock imagery, you’ll see the MJB embossing.

MJB became busy with life and design projects, and slipped quietly out of the limelight. Bitcoin with its new ‘visual voice’, stepped out from behind its curtain of 0’s and 1’s, and stepped into its global AOCS branding, admired by billions.

From Commemorative To Cold Storage

To celebrate the release of the 2018 Bitcoin Cold Storage Coin, we tracked down Mick and got a stunning update to his original 2012 MJB design, scheduled for release later 2018.

The Crypto Creative - Meet Wit

Several years later, a young Polish designer by the name of Wit became excited by the Bitcoin branding created by us at AOCS and MJB. Armed with enthusiasm, Wit worked with our Cold Storage Coins team to expand Micks legacy, and bring many more forms of crypto to life. It’s a match made in heaven; his attention to detail, precision in design, and experience in futuristic art secured his status as our lead designer for the worlds’ crypto currency.

And just like our original 2012 MJB Bitcoin, we’re excited to see the 2018 artwork become beloved global icons, inspiring art and photography around the world too. And if you look in the right places, you’ll see it’s already begun. So now, for the first time in its history, Bitcoin investors can hold digital Bitcoin, and the original physical Bitcoin at the same time.